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Shine Realty -

Last update: 22 June 2017.

Shine Realty

We are the pioneer Australian/Asian professional agency specialising in the Management Rights industry. Working closely with industry professionals such as lawyers, accountants, banks and financiers, we provide the most professional industry knowledge and updated information. Our team members are all highly educated with skills and experiences in business, finance, marketing and customer service/satisfaction. We provide purchasers with one-stop purchase services, including consultation of the concept of the industry, market analysis, return on investment alalysis and any other questions you may have. In order to successfully do this, we commit to details and process, resulting in you feeling at ease with your new business decision. Whether you are a purchaser or a manager, we are dedicated to satisfying your needs.If you are thinking about how Management Rights is a right business with a home, you have come to the right place.

Main Contact: Celine Tseng
Mobile: 0423 566 ...
Office: 07 3161 8...

Street Address:

Calam Road Sunnybank Hills , 4109 Australia

Postal Address:

60/223 Calam Road Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 Australia

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Welcome to the Shine Manager Portal

Here you can access all the tools and services necessary to run your complex. Marketing support, brochure design, rent databases, commission-free sales, tenant credit history, utilities connections and much much more.

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Featured Management Rights For Sale

Exclusive $1,430,000

Permanent Management Rights

Deception Bay, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 204,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 106,344
  • Letting Pool: 54
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 360,000   3   2     Pet Friendly

Permanent Management Rights

Hillcrest, Logan
  • Net Income: $ 158,500 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 80,957
  • Letting Pool: 53
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 450,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Cleveland, Beenleigh
  • Net Income: $ 68,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 56,075
  • Letting Pool: 10
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 339,000   3   2     Pet Friendly
Exclusive Offers Over 520,000

Permanent Management Rights

Runcorn, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 40,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 19,384
  • Letting Pool: 12
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 400,000   3   2     Pet Friendly
Exclusive $1,100,000

Permanent Management Rights

Wellington Point, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 122,600 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 67,000
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 495,000   3   2     Pet Friendly
Exclusive $1,460,000

Permanent Management Rights

Albion, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 172,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 113,166
  • Letting Pool: 28
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 565,000   2   2     Pet Friendly