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There is a VERY strong mentality amongst onsite managers, that upgraded listings are expensive. I hear it every day. I get managers calling me up telling me they desperately need to find a tenant, and they’re losing rent, and when I explain the very simple solution is to boost exposure, they balk because of the ‘high cost’ of an upgrade. This is wrong-headed thinking and not the correct way to approach marketing. Marketing doesn’t cost money, marketing saves money!!! Good agents know this. The average real estate agent commits hundreds of dollars EVERY MONTH on EVERY RENTAL LISTING to market them. In fact most realRead More →

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There are very few certainties in life, and even fewer in business – yet over the last 14 years one thing that has been proven to me is if you don’t recognise and embrace beneficial change – your business will wither and die. When I built TheOnsiteManager back in 2005, the concept of an online portal for Management Rights seemed ideal. There we were with a multi-billion-dollar management rights marketplace just sitting there, and the only way to actually sell a management rights was to shove a little ad onto a dark corner of the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper and hope for the best. ToRead More →

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As an online real estate office servicing onsite managers, has over 400 building managers in our agency now. We’re marketing over 7000 rental properties per year and one thing our managers have been asking us for, for a very long time, is an Inspect Now Booking Button. The Inspect Real Estate (Booking Button) system allows prospective tenants to easily book inspections with managers at times convenient to both parties. It ensures less no-shows, drives more leads, and keeps prospects informed of any changes to the listings they’re enquiring about. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive system that is being used by most of the majorRead More →

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It’s perfectly legal, cheap, and a highly effective means for real estate agents to grow their rent rolls. I’m talking about prospecting software, and over the last decade it’s become common-place in property management. From RPData, Pricefinder, Winning Edge, and many more, these systems are becoming faster, smarter and more efficient all the time. Their purpose, more or less, is to put you out of business. Here’s what Winning Edge has to say on their website about their tool: “With more than 12 years’ experience providing owner information to the real estate industry and multiple databases across Victoria and Queensland. Ownership Data is proven toRead More →

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On 26 September 2018 Adjudicator Roseman declared the letting authorisation for Allure Apartments in Townsville void.  The management rights operator, Allure Townsville Accommodation Pty Ltd (ATA), had taken a transfer of the letting authorisation in June of 2015.  The management rights were transferred from Allure Hotel and Apartments Pty Ltd (AHA) who had acquired them from the developer, South Townsville Developments Pty Ltd, on 3 September 2014. From the beginning, the management rights business had been operated from a manager’s unit (lot 201) and a reception area, initially located on the common property. While AHA was the operator, that area of common property was convertedRead More →

Airbnb is never far from the headlines, and many industry segments are clamouring for regulation. In June 2018 the NSW government announced severe restrictions on short stay accommodation. It remains to be seen how that will work in practice, and how Queensland will implement our own version. Hopefully the legislative response will be informed by the lessons learned from the regulation of ride sharing services such as Uber. Industry Concerns Body Corporates, owners, and on-site managers are justifiably concerned about the rising popularity of home sharing services, and other online accommodation booking platforms, for properties within Community Title Schemes. Naturally, I can’t condone “self-help” remediesRead More →

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Lets face it, your owners COULD manage their own rentals, there’s nothing stopping them, they don’t even need to be qualified… But just because they could do something themselves, doesn’t make it a good idea. Your owner clearly understands that, it’s why they hired you. They made a conscious decision to appoint a trained, experienced, and professional manager to handle the marketing and management for them. They did this because they accept that there are certain tasks that are outside their area of expertise. They might be a really good doctor, pilot, or insurance salesman, but they know being good at whatever they’re good at,Read More →

Article supplied by HiRUM, Original article from Snapshot The benefits of building a strong online review profile are irrefutable…Online reviews not only provide a unique opportunity to foster guest relationships post check-out, but have also been proven to deliver higher profits to accommodation providers. We discussed these benefits in more depth in a recent blog article. Now, we would like to explain to you the benefits of responding to the reviews your property receives & how you should go about doing so. Reviews, responses and Google It’s rare for Google to openly discuss aspects of their ranking algorithm, but perhaps in an effort to support smallRead More →

Your trust account and the way you operate it is your lifeline. When dealing with thousands of dollars there are 2 types of people. 1) Honest 2) Dishonest There is no in between. As a managing agent, landlords are trusting you to handle their income with honesty and integrity. After many years in the industry, I have performed end of months with as little as $2000 in the trust account and as great as $200 000 in the account. Each time the money, system and process were treated exactly the same……with care. One property or 1500 properties, each state of Australia has regulations and rules inRead More →