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Get filming, as you can start uploading your digital inspections today! These will appear within the ‘inspections’ section on your Buy and Rent listings on the from today, and the App in coming weeks.  Samples of walk throughs – Sale property property Tips on creating a great digital inspection – Lighting and external noise Keep it short Captions Must be in YouTube format Remember our photographers can produce these for you very affordably. Ask me about this service on 0407769944 How to load your video or a 3D tour to your listing – Simply load these into the Virtual Tour or Include Video fields at the bottom of the photographyRead More →

Contributed By: Nick Buick on (REA) recently unveiled a new feature aimed to improve the user experience for prospective tenants. It’s called the HIDE feature, and it’s available on their live portal right now, I’m bringing it up because it has the potential to impact how we go about marketing rentals. The feedback REA received from prospective tenants was they were sick and tired of seeing the same listings over and over again, every time they did a rental search. REA’s rather novel solution, was to create a feature where if ANY listing started to annoy a tenant, they can simply click HIDE and *poof* the listing vanishes fromRead More →

Dear Nick,I posted a listing last week and I can’t find it when I search for it on! Why is it not on there?!Signed,Every Onsite Manager. This is an email I receive several times a day. It happens so often I decided to write an article about it. Firstly, it always pays to provide the LISTING ID for specific issues. It is the number shown on every listing and it will start with a 39xxxx (sometimes 38xxxxx if it’s an older one). This listing ID is like a serial number for your listing. It is unique to every single listing. You can have 200Read More →

Welcome to our new monthly column, ‘Dear Nick’. Each month I’ll take a support question a manager has sent me, and share the advice. This month’s question comes from J. A new manager who joined our agency last year. He writes: Dear Nick, I have 3 vacancies. All are break lease. I have an obligation to mitigate the loss for each of the properties. However I also have a newly available property  (tenant recently moved out) and these listings tend to get more inquires since its ad is more recent. As a result ex tenant who moved our first ends up paying more rent thanRead More →

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Happy New Year everyone! We’re officially in 2020… The 20’s! It’s the first decade that has a proper name since The 90s! Gosh it feels good to be able to refer to our present era. If you haven’t made a New Years Resolution yet, I’d suggest ensuring all your tenant data is safely backed up! I know it sounds boring compared to yoyo diets or spending more time with your kids, but this resolution is vital for your business! Allow me to expand: 1Form is a wonderful tenant application platform. It can gather all the information you need to know about tenants, compile it allRead More →

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The Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni has announced Stage 1 of proposed rental reforms that would significantly damage Queensland’s rental market and create the most onerous rental laws in the country. The REIQ strongly opposes the proposed reforms which are a slap in the face to every day ‘mum and dad’ property owners who provide the majority of housing to Queensland’s renters. If enacted, the law change would erode fundamental landlord rights and deter property investment across the state. The reforms’ ripple effect would see renters struggling to find suitable housing under already tight conditions. In a further blow to renters,Read More →

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Never before has technology taken such an invasive knife to our privacy. It’s a well known fact that our smart phones and appliances track our every move, search, and even our conversations and share this information with “private” corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. The ATO will now demand granular data on all trading information and use advanced data-matching to identify anomalies and trigger audits. Banks and financiers these days pick through bank statements with a fine-tooth comb and if they feel an applicant takes too many overseas holidays, or spends too much on cosmetic surgery, may decline to offer them finance. We haveRead More →

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“So, how’s your vacancy rates these days?” I asked a manager who I’d popped in to visit for a quick chat. “Great, we’re almost full, and our two bedders fill faster than we can list them!” “Oh that’s excellent” “It is” she continued before pausing “there’s just this one listing I’m having a really hard time shifting…” She went on to explain she’d had this unit sitting vacant for over a month, the owner wanted two thousand dollars a week in rent. It was in a great area, it was a penthouse, it had incredible views and a stunning private rooftop terrace, but even so…Read More →

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NOTE: This is an older article from 2016, we have now overhauled our software to *automatically* strip the unit number out of the listing for you before sending it to outside portals. You should therefore now include the unit number in your address, and keep the box marked “Show Unit Number To My Competitors” set to NO. This will then ensure all systems work optimally for your owner’s security. As a manager you have a finite number of owners in your complex. As such, outside agents have the potential to inflict enormous damage to your income and the value of your business if you let them.Read More →’s Rent Specialist, Kurtis Pirotta, sits down with a local tenant to discuss exactly how tenants are using their service these days to locate rentals from TheOnsiteManager. There’s a lot of great information here about how we can tailor our marketing strategy to capitalise on tenant search methods. Check it out!Read More →