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People join for different reasons. Please let us know which best describes you so we can offer you the correct service for your needs.

I'm A Licensed Onsite Manager

Our agency employs resident managers in complexes across QLD. Work your own hours, from home, and enjoy the support of a major real estate office to sell units and fill vacancies - all for one very competitive annual desk fee.

I'm an MR Broker

Join our portal as a Management Rights Broker and advertise your Management Rights for sale on our website, to our audience and in our newsletter.

I'm an Industry Supplier

We can register your business to appear in our directory and our trade sections where you'll be sent a steady feed of work from property managers all over the country.

I'm Advertising Employment

Register here and you can advertise your employment position on our website (for free).

I'm just interested in management rights
We can send you the latest news and listings as monthly email updates

Welcome to the Shine Manager Portal

Here you can access all the tools and services necessary to run your complex. Marketing support, brochure design, rent databases, commission-free sales, tenant credit history, utilities connections and much much more.

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Registration is easy! To proceed, just complete the form below. This service is strictly for licenced managers and sales people. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like further information.

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Featured Management Rights For Sale


Permanent Management Rights

Brisbane City, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 131,800 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 60,600
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 550,000   3   1
consider all reasonable offer

Permanent Management Rights

Runcorn, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 41,990 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 20,866
  • Letting Pool: 11
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 410,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Carseldine, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 78,362 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 78,362
  • Letting Pool: 3
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 429,000   3   2     Pet Friendly

Permanent Management Rights

Teneriffe, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 112,600 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 65,500
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 750,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Runcorn, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 64,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 45,600
  • Letting Pool: 10
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 400,000   3   2     Pet Friendly
$927,000 negotiable

Permanent Management Rights

Geebung, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 113,659 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 69,163
  • Letting Pool: 29
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 415,000   3   2     Pet Friendly