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Before you read any further it’s important that you take the time to dial up Bobby McFerrin on You Tube and get into the reggae groove.  The following will simply not work otherwise! Here’s a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don’t worry, be happy Some say credit crunch I say bugger that, let’s do a long lunch Don’t worry, be happy In your loan application, there is some trouble Royal Commission might make it double Don’t Worry, Be Happy Ain’t got no cash or equity You can always call on me Don’t worry, be happy. With apologiesRead More →

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Are you considering the purchase of a management rights business? The REIQ will be hosting a “Buyers Seminar” specifically aimed at individuals who are looking at the  purchase of  management rights in Queensland.  (Not a sales seminar) The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has long standing relationships with specific stakeholders within this niche model. Be informed by this top line up of industry experts specializing in the Management Rights/Resident Letting space. REIQ – Gold Coast 11 May 2019  8.45am to 12.00pm L3 – 26 Marine Parade, Southport $20 per person We will give you an informative overview on; –          Legal –          Accounting –          Financing –          Licensing –          Real Estate There willRead More →

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In today’s market place, buyers have to be aware of what they are up against. Buying right involves being fully informed on the business you are intending to invest in and the associated risks involved within that industry. Choose a business you’re comfortable with that feels right, where you can imagine yourself running the business day-to-day – it’s a business that you can live and work from. Look inside the industry: are there special skills needed, government regulations, licenses required? Are you up to these challenges and commitments? Management Rights is no different to any other small business, which is why you need to lookRead More →

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Our 2019 Industry Recommended Professional program has now commenced. All managers are encouraged to nominate your Industry Recommended Professional across 6 fields of expertise. As per last year, the winners across each category will receive the much coveted Industry Excellence Award at our awards night happening later in the year. This year we have 6 fields of expertise: Legal; Accounting; Brokers; Relief Management; Body Corporate Management and Finance. All professionals who receive nominations will be prioritised on the website and of course will proudly display the Industry Recommended Professional decal on their profile. Last year’s event saw many fields hotly contested and often single votes tippedRead More →

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There are very few certainties in life, and even fewer in business – yet over the last 14 years one thing that has been proven to me is if you don’t recognise and embrace beneficial change – your business will wither and die. When I built TheOnsiteManager back in 2005, the concept of an online portal for Management Rights seemed ideal. There we were with a multi-billion-dollar management rights marketplace just sitting there, and the only way to actually sell a management rights was to shove a little ad onto a dark corner of the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper and hope for the best. ToRead More →

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I trust this letter finds you well.  Please forgive me for not writing earlier but I have been meeting clients all weekend and every evening. Thanks so much for your recent correspondence albeit at 950 + pages I must confess I have not read the entire document in detail.  Sufficient to say that what I have read, particularly in relation to finance brokers and mortgage brokers troubles me, not least because your findings seem to reflect a lack of understanding of what it is that finance brokers actually do. How could this be I wondered? Surely the many days that you and Rowena spent imbeddedRead More →

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Industry experts will field questions from guests eager to pursue opportunities in the Management Rights sector at a gathering to be presented by ResortBrokers on the Gold Coast at the end of April. Designed to assist newcomers to the industry, the ‘Management Rights Made Easy’ evening will be the latest in a long-running program of popular events conducted by ResortBrokers in the coastal tourism and lifestyle hotspot. Hosted at the Arundel offices of accommodation software specialist Hirum, the event gathers industry experts from various professions to share their extensive experience. New and intending building managers will enjoy quizzing the specialists in a relaxed forum thatRead More →

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The job of an on-site manager can be a difficult one.  It necessitates a delicate balance between maintaining a good relationship with lot owners and occupants on the one hand, and ensuring adherence to the Body Corporate scheme by-laws on the other. This was illustrated in a recent case in the Southport Magistrates Court, in which Short Punch & Greatorix successfully acted for a manager. In this instance, the manager had been concerned with ensuring that the pool and spa area of his building were operated in a manner that was compliant with the scheme by-laws. The building had, amongst its occupiers, a number ofRead More →

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The knowledge a new entrant to the Management Rights Industry commences can be very limited, and more often than not, it is limited to the three days of industry licensing. Significantly, many managers entering the Industry, are quite unsure what they have to do, what the role entails, how they do it, and where to turn when they have an issue. Committees look at the experience of an incoming Building Manager at an assignment meeting and find it is their life experiences only that fills the skills requirements.  Certainly, backgrounds in maintenance, administration and the like are helpful, but is the lack of understanding settingRead More →

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As an online real estate office servicing onsite managers, has over 400 building managers in our agency now. We’re marketing over 7000 rental properties per year and one thing our managers have been asking us for, for a very long time, is an Inspect Now Booking Button. The Inspect Real Estate (Booking Button) system allows prospective tenants to easily book inspections with managers at times convenient to both parties. It ensures less no-shows, drives more leads, and keeps prospects informed of any changes to the listings they’re enquiring about. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive system that is being used by most of the majorRead More →