Back when real estate wasn’t as expensive, multipliers weren’t as high and banks didn’t care as much about serviceability as they did security, buying a lot with a business all worked without much of an issue. That has changed (noticeably for high value real estate with shorter term management rights agreements), which has led to us receiving lots of requests from clients about separating their lot from their management rights business.  Every management rights business is different. There are no hard and fast rules, but in general terms, these are the issues that come if you want to consider doing breaking that link. Let’s startRead More →

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As some of you will no doubt have figured out by now, I have a weakness for cars.  Old cars, new cars, fast cars, slow cars, even electric cars and the occasional motorcycle. I am fascinated by cars and the auto industry. This basic flaw in my good judgement has led to me investing wisely in a few vehicles, much to the dismay of the managing director.  By wise investment I mean spending more than said vehicles will ever be worth and then justifying the “investment” by grossly overinflating the values when debating the matter with my accountant, bank manager and afore mentioned MD. MyRead More →

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There is a VERY strong mentality amongst onsite managers, that upgraded listings are expensive. I hear it every day. I get managers calling me up telling me they desperately need to find a tenant, and they’re losing rent, and when I explain the very simple solution is to boost exposure, they balk because of the ‘high cost’ of an upgrade. This is wrong-headed thinking and not the correct way to approach marketing. Marketing doesn’t cost money, marketing saves money!!! Good agents know this. The average real estate agent commits hundreds of dollars EVERY MONTH on EVERY RENTAL LISTING to market them. In fact most realRead More →

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Last night our technicians did a final migration and switched on our new hosting server. It’s been a few years since we performed a major upgrade on our hardware infrastructure and the site has grown immensely since then and surpassed the technology it was running on. We’re now running independent solid state RAID drives for both our file system and database, we increased RAM, beefed up our processing power and took out a totally separate server just for our website to keep it completely isolated from the other sites our company hosts. The speed increase is considerable, but more importantly, the speed will be consistentRead More →

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Today we present the seventh in our series of analysis on the selling market for Management and Letting Rights (MLR).  We have been collating this data quarterly since June 2017 and the following is a broad summary; ·      Stock levels are continuing to slightly decrease from our January 2019 update. ·       This has largely been in the holiday space, with permanents increasing. ·       The average listing period of all buildings has been 72 days in the last quarter.  With an additional 90-100 to complete settlement. ·       There is about 0.1x lower multiplier for Standard Agreements over Accommodation Agreements. There is the full detail and some simple graphs byRead More →

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Most accommodation business owners eventually reach a point in their careers when they consider selling the business so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work. If you are at this point yourself, now could be a good time to sell. The job market has cooled down so more people are looking to control their own destinies by running their own businesses. The trick when you have an accommodation business for sale is to make your business the most attractive option for people wanting to make a purchase. So, how can you do this? Follow these three essential tips for selling a motel, caravanRead More →

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One of North Queensland’s premier boutique hotels has put its management rights up for sale with price expectations of up to $6 million for the high-performing property. [ View this Port Douglas Management-Rights ] The Port Douglas Peninsula Boutique Hotel, an adults-only retreat on the beachfront at Four Mile Beach, generates an outstanding net annual income of more than a million dollars through its luxury suites and popular restaurant. With 33 newly decorated one-bedroom suites featuring beautifully furnished interiors with magnificent ocean and pool views from private balconies, the Peninsula Boutique Hotel boasts a high occupancy rate of 80 percent. ResortBrokers Australia North Queensland specialistRead More →

The secret to driving up your Trip Advisor ranking up is by getting your most satisfied guests to post a review. If you don’t have an automated feedback system that allows quick responses back to the guest, a senior person such as the FOM should be writing back to these guest via a well as a written email, providing the link to your Trip Advisor Page and offering personal assistance with their next stay. Out of 10 guests that you will email a follow-up thank-you and suggestion to post a review, about 3 or 4 will actually post because you have simply asked the question.Read More →

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As accommodation industry professionals we are all in the people business. Our clients are people, our owners, tenants, landlords and committee members are people and our guests are, for the most part, people.  Yes, the pet friendly resort is on the rise but let’s stick with people for now. As people in a people business I would argue that our greatest asset is our ability to communicate effectively.   In recent years the explosion in social media use combined with the myriad nonverbal, non-personal forms of communication at our disposal is resulting in more communication than ever before. Social Media users in Australia are some ofRead More →