We’ve teamed up with Little Hinges to deliver a truly remarkable new service for *EVERY* onsite manager in our agency. A professionally produced 3D VR Tour for a listing of your choice! It’s no secret that the real estate industry has been through an unprecedented disruption over the past months due to COVID-19. There has been a huge shift in, not only how we work, but community expectations when presenting property.  The question is… what will you do now to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to outperform everyone else in this changed world? A world where digital is now notRead More →

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Before we begin… a caveat… by the time you read this the content may be out of date. In fact, by the time I’ve finished typing it might be old news.  In fact, I’ve now written this article 3 times.  Each time I complete the task and head off to bed having once again dodged the dreaded deadline extension.  Each morning I awake to new news, some good, some bad.  It’s like Groundhog Day with a twist.  I awake to the same day but with a few bizarre nuances.  Yesterday I was going to comment on the positives of reopening borders, today Victoria reinstates limitedRead More →

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Since I was involuntarily thrust into this industry 15 years ago, I have long concluded, and thus argued that onsite managers make ideal candidates for investment property management. Onsite Managers live on site (ya don’t say, Nick?) and have invested on site so they have a vested interest in ensuring quality tenants are selected for the property. They keep maintenance costs low without the need for costly call-out fees for basic issues. They know the building intimately, being privy to the body corporate committee’s wishes and also the rental demand inside the complex and the area as a whole. A good onsite manager, armed withRead More →

I’ve been writing these bulletins for many years now and inevitably one runs out of interesting stuff to say.  Most months I build a mental picture of what I’m going to write about, procrastinate until the deadline date and then frantically try to render what’s in my head into something comprehensible. I often find it difficult to find things to write about, hence the sometimes rabbling social commentary and hopefully amusing anecdotes. In fact, the only time it’s easy to come up with content is when something extraordinary happens. Something like a global financial crisis, a surprise election outcome or a pandemic.  In recent timesRead More →

The interim orders in Watermark Residences [2020] QBCCMCmr 306 provides some relief for bodies corporate that held virtual general meetings during the COVID-19 restrictions. In summary: The body corporate called an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to agree on the matters that needed to be decided at a general meeting. To meet COVID-19 social distancing restrictions the committee decided to conduct the EGM without physical attendance. There were some other minor deficiencies with how the EGM was called, and was to be held, that did not strictly comply with the legislative requirements of holding meetings. A group of owners sought to invalidate the EGM based on the failureRead More →

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In response to COVID-19, RealEstate.com.au is running a heck of a promotion right now where they guarantee that ANY upgraded listing (be it a sale or rental) that hasn’t filled by the conclusion of the upgrade term, can be re-upgraded again, absolutely free. I sent a mass email out about this to all of our managers a couple of weeks ago and so far, maybe 2 managers, have taken advantage of this offer. Which I find astonishing! It’s literally completely free, and instant. All you have to do is say the word. We upgrade hundreds of listings per month for managers, so for only 2-3%Read More →

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Dear Nick, I just finished uploading all my images and they look awful. They are all sideways and cropped strangely and dark and out of focus. What am I doing wrong? This is, indeed, a very familiar email/telephone call that I receive from managers quite often. And after viewing the images in question, my response is as follows:Read More →

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strata sector is facing some big issues. Perhaps the biggest challenge (this week at least) is how to manage body corporate levies and other financial issues at a time when people are under all sorts of financial pressure. It can be hard enough to get people to pay strata levies when they have the money, let alone when they do not. We think it is essential to identify the pain points for everyone in the sector when it comes to levies and then identify what can be done about it. There are a few points to make,Read More →