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The job of an on-site manager can be a difficult one.  It necessitates a delicate balance between maintaining a good relationship with lot owners and occupants on the one hand, and ensuring adherence to the Body Corporate scheme by-laws on the other. This was illustrated in a recent case in the Southport Magistrates Court, in which Short Punch & Greatorix successfully acted for a manager. In this instance, the manager had been concerned with ensuring that the pool and spa area of his building were operated in a manner that was compliant with the scheme by-laws. The building had, amongst its occupiers, a number ofRead More →

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The knowledge a new entrant to the Management Rights Industry commences can be very limited, and more often than not, it is limited to the three days of industry licensing. Significantly, many managers entering the Industry, are quite unsure what they have to do, what the role entails, how they do it, and where to turn when they have an issue. Committees look at the experience of an incoming Building Manager at an assignment meeting and find it is their life experiences only that fills the skills requirements.  Certainly, backgrounds in maintenance, administration and the like are helpful, but is the lack of understanding settingRead More →

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As an online real estate office servicing onsite managers, has over 400 building managers in our agency now. We’re marketing over 7000 rental properties per year and one thing our managers have been asking us for, for a very long time, is an Inspect Now Booking Button. The Inspect Real Estate (Booking Button) system allows prospective tenants to easily book inspections with managers at times convenient to both parties. It ensures less no-shows, drives more leads, and keeps prospects informed of any changes to the listings they’re enquiring about. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive system that is being used by most of the majorRead More →

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We have talked in the past about our view that we are moving into a tighter credit environment in which bank lending guidelines will become stricter. We also talked about challenges existing borrowers are having with annual business loan reviews and extended interest only periods. I am less than delighted to announce that for once our predications have come to fruition.  Daily feedback from borrowers suggests that times are indeed becoming challenging both for new borrowers and for existing operators. To be frank some of the concerns raised with us are of the borrower’s own making and reflect a lack of understanding of the termsRead More →

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Ten years of experience, or one year of experience ten times over? While many people claim to be experts or specialists in their chosen profession, how can you know if they really are? Maybe they have been doing the same job year after year, but have not become any more knowledgeable or accomplished than when they first started. There is competition in every industry, but there has never been more than there is now in management rights. Currently listed on the service directory of on-site manager, there are 51 law firms, 33 accountancy practices, 23 financial institutions, and 59 real estate agencies. How many individualsRead More →

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AN investment syndicate formed with the express aim of gaining a foothold in the Gold Coast’s lucrative management rights industry has secured a premium Main Beach apartment business off-market in a $4 million-plus deal just settled. Specialist accommodation sector agency RESORTBROKERS confirmed it had successfully concluded the sale of the Pacific Views Resort management rights based on a 6-times multiplier. “A group of investors had already been assembled so we were able to go to the vendor with a syndicate and operating partner ready, which meant we had it under offer within less than a fortnight,” said RESORTBROKERS’ Todd Warner, who negotiated the deal withRead More →

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With mining booms every few years, the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) or drive-in-drive-out (DIDO) market also booms. Those who own accommodation properties in key areas will benefit during the boom times. Townsville is one such location. About FIFO/DIDO workers FIFO workers come from all walks of life and operate in most industries. Most FIFO workers fall into the 35-54 years age group. Jobs for FIFO workers are diverse: health worker, road train operator, kitchen worker, metallurgist, mine planning engineer and solar farm workers. Although FIFO workers exist in many sectors, it’s in mining that the phenomenon has become known. Most mines are located in remote areas orRead More →

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If you are planning to sell your accommodation business, you want the process to run as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here are some essential steps you need to take if you want to ensure a fast business sale. 1. Mindset Plan well in advance A successful sale requires careful planning. It’s essential to start preparing as soon as possible once you have made the decision to sell your tourism business. This will give you time to put all the necessary steps in place to make your business an attractive prospect. Change your mindset, make yourself redundant As the owner of a successful hospitality business,Read More →

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The recent decision in Application by Ms A [2018] FWC 4147 by the Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission establishes that even a contracted caretaker is protected from bullying in the workplace. Particularly, the Deputy President found the chairperson bullied the caretaker, within a Queensland Community Title Scheme, by: sending emails to Mrs A about matters which were not urgent at times that were not reasonable. The emails used sarcastic and derogatory language in relation to Ms A which was exacerbated by the fact that the emails were sent to other members of the committee; by sending emails with an unreasonable (very high) frequency;Read More →