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Management Rights Sales -

Last update: 18 August 2016.

Management Rights Sales

MRSales Management Rights & Resort Specialists Servicing Australia wide MR Sales is widely recognised as one of the industry’s most experienced and enthusiastic management rights companies specialising primarily in management rights and resort sales Australia wide. Years of consistent sales have resulted in a highly recognised team – the MR Sales team have the knowledge and possess the ability to liaise with industry professionals from bankers and accountants to lawyers and valuers – which gives MR Sales the advantage and know-how to assist in determining what sells and why. MR Sales offers Vendors and Purchasers the opportunity to deal one-on-one with a team of experienced brokers, all of who have a full time commitment to the management rights industry. Having been involved with selling management rights from top shelf to the average two person operation enables MR Sales to actively satisfy both the Vendor and the Purchaser. As State Sponsors of ARAMA the MR Sales team is always up-to-date and well informed of industry progress and the market value of the day. With over 2500 established management rights throughout Australia, the majority in Queensland, Vendors and Purchasers are contracted on a regular basis. MR Sales collective experience offers the professionalism required to handle all types of sales regardless of their size. Our specialties include: - Management Rights Sales - Expression of Interest Sales - Buyers Agent sales - you find the business and let us on your behalf, handle the negotiations MR Sales offer contact to all of the industry professionals, beit lawyers, accountants, financiers and valuers. MR Sales are licenced to operate Australia wide

Main Contact: Jake Clarke
Office: 07 5555 8...
Fax: 07 5570 4693

Street Address:

Main Beach Parade Surfers Paradise , 4217 Australia

Postal Address:

PO Box 6467 Gold Coast MC Qld 9726 Australia

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Featured Management Rights For Sale

Exclusive $1,460,000

Permanent Management Rights

Albion, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 172,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 113,166
  • Letting Pool: 28
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 565,000   2   2     Pet Friendly

Permanent Management Rights

Hillcrest, Logan
  • Net Income: $ 158,500 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 80,957
  • Letting Pool: 53
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 450,000   3   2
Exclusive Offers Over 520,000

Permanent Management Rights

Runcorn, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 40,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 19,384
  • Letting Pool: 12
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 400,000   3   2     Pet Friendly

Corporate Management Rights

Auchenflower, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 220,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 58,161
  • Letting Pool: 17
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 560,000   2   2     Pet Friendly
Exclusive $1,430,000

Permanent Management Rights

Deception Bay, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 204,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 106,344
  • Letting Pool: 54
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 360,000   3   2     Pet Friendly

Permanent Management Rights

Cleveland, Beenleigh
  • Net Income: $ 68,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 56,075
  • Letting Pool: 10
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 339,000   3   2     Pet Friendly