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Raas Group -

Last update: 25 August 2020.

Raas Group

The RAAS Group was formed by three long-time industry professionals in 2002 and now has a footprint Australia wide! The group now employs some 300 on-site residential managers as real estate salespeople; employs another 20 property professionals covering management rights business sales, motel sales and special projects; and has dedicated staff based permanently in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland. This is a way of low risk buying investment property in Queensland you do not deal with a property salesperson from a typical real estate agency, nor do business with a marketeer who comes to town with an investment seminar. Every sales representative will likely be the on-site property manager in the complex where you are looking to invest. The RAAS Group is a one-stop shop for your every need in the property industry.

Main Contact: Christopher Jones
Mobile: 0755930...
Office: 0755930...

Street Address:

Marine Parade Southport , 4215 Australia

Postal Address:

PO Box 19 Southport QLD 4215 Australia

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Featured Management Rights For Sale


Resort / Holiday Management Rights

Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast
  • Net Income: $ 146,242 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 51,000
  • Letting Pool: 11
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 710,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Teneriffe, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 112,600 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 65,500
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 750,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Morayfield, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 180,400 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 126,200

Permanent Management Rights

Runcorn, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 64,000 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 45,600
  • Letting Pool: 10
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 400,000   3   2     Pet Friendly

Permanent Management Rights

Carrara, Gold Coast
  • Net Income: $ 197,200 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 145,500
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 610,000   3   2

Permanent Management Rights

Carseldine, Brisbane
  • Net Income: $ 78,362 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 78,362
  • Letting Pool: 3
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 429,000   3   2     Pet Friendly